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Generate a Bitcoin Paper Wallet with Awesome designs

Whether it is to make a special gift, or to store your own Bitcoins in a safe place, Print Your Wallet is the easiest, safest and most fun way to store your cryptocurrencies offline.

Generate your cold paper wallet with any of these crypto currencies

Bitcoin Cash
Ethereum Classic

Creating your Bitcoin Paper Wallet is very simple

If you can count to 4, you can create a Crypto Paper Wallet

Nerd is the new black. Give something new, give something different.

For every special moment, there is a Bitcoin Paper Wallet Design. Choose from any of these Paper Wallets designs, created by great artists from all around the world. Our paper wallets offer a unique blend of art, science, and style
finding a perfect balance between functionality and nerdy style.

Why is it a good idea to give away a Bitcoin Paper Wallet as a gift?

If only 4 years ago, instead of giving you that ugly Christmas sweater, Santa would have given you a Paper Wallet with $ 100 in Bitcoins ... Today your gift would be worth:


Thanks Santa...

Why is

To create your paper wallets, uses the BitAddress engine, the most widely used and trusted open source code to generate addresses quickly and securely. This creator uses your own browser's JavaScript engine. No crypto-code is run on this web server, and no addresses are transmitted over the Internet.

Do you have questions about your Paper Wallet?

First, you need a "normal" Digital Wallet (either an online wallet, or an exchange) that you will use to fund your paper wallet. If you still do not have an account in an exchange or online wallet, we recommend one of these: Binance, Bitstamp, Coinbase, Ripio Once you have funds in your Digital Wallet, you can deposit the amount you want to transfer in your paper wallet, simply by scanning the public address QR code

You can verify your balance by using a block explorer and scanning the public address in your paper wallet (we recommend using your phone's camera for that). You can scan your address by clicking on the little QR code icon next to the search bar. You can also check your balance by typing your public key in the search bar.

Extracting the funds from your Wallet is very simple:
1- If you don't have one yet, download a Digital Wallet to your mobile device. You can use the one you like the most. We like to recommend: Mycelium because it is safe and easy to use.
2- Use the application to scan the "private" QR code of your paper wallet. The funds will automatically move from the paper wallet to your digital wallet.

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